• Take care of your mind

    Take care of your mind
    Living life in such a hectic times such as this can be hard. Being a man in general can be even harder, but being an African-American man can sometimes be extreme! We’re always suppose to be strong, all the time. We are always supposed to have the right answers to the problem at hand. We’re always supposed to be the provider and the protector...
  • Hillman Power!!!

    Hillman Power!!!
    How is a fictitious Historically Black College and University so relevant in today’s time? First, you’d have to retreat back into the 1980’s. A stand up comedy legend and actor named Bill Cosby was making great strides in the entertainment industry. He was looked at as one of the pioneers and ground breakers in the entertainment industry. Appearing in various movies and television shows,...
  • Hitting the reset button

    Hitting the reset button
    Do you know what it means to hit the reset button? Many would say “yes”, you hit the reset button on like a gaming system like a Playstation or a Nintendo. It essentially starts the system over again back to the beginning. Typically if the game freezes or glitches not allowing you to proceed forward or if you lose control or command input of...
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