Hitting the reset button

Do you know what it means to hit the reset button? Many would say “yes”, you hit the reset button on like a gaming system like a Playstation or a Nintendo. It essentially starts the system over again back to the beginning. Typically if the game freezes or glitches not allowing you to proceed forward or if you lose control or command input of the game… Will warrant you to hit the reset button.

With that in mind… Do you know what it means to hit the reset button in your life? It’s essentially the same concept like on the glitched gaming systems. Basically life can take an unexpected turn in a various number of reasons or ways. An unexpected illness, injury, or accident; leaving your job due to layoff, natural disaster, substance abuse that has gotten out of control, just to name a few. Many people are forced to hit the reset button, when things are going bad in their lives… But the hardest time to hit the reset button is when things are going great.

Brief story of myself… I was a manager at my old job. I was a teacher, trainer, and supervisor, on top of being the highest producing worker at the company. Comrades could rely and depend on me, the higher managers and owners went as far to say I was a “living legend”, and a once in a generation type worker. Everything was going very well. I was single in my own apartment, so it was only me to worry about. I was saving money, paying all my bills ahead, food in the cabinets, gas in the vehicles… Everything was basically on “cruise control”. Then the company I was working with suddenly downsized by 80%!!! I thought to myself, “I’m a great employee, and I do a great job. My work and productivity certainly speaks for itself. Surely I’ll be in the remaining 20%… I was wrong, I didn’t make the cut and I was let go. In fact, just about the entire remaining 20% I personally trained.

No problem, keep moving forward! A few jobs heard about me being let go, so they was calling me trying to bring me on board. I took one job. But because of poor management, and shady business practices, it only lasted 3 weeks. No problem, keep moving forward! Almost immediately, I started working for another company until once again shady business practices and a sudden cut in my hours, that job only lasted about 9 months.

I was beginning to feel myself sinking, but keep moving forward! I was now able to land a job at a corporation. The job didn’t pay well at all, and the hours was very inconsistent. I just did the best I could with what I had. I tirelessly applied to other jobs with no success, I was sinking fast. I was no longer financially stable, and I was barely making it by the “skin of my teeth”. Until I suddenly got injured, and depleted my entire account on doctor’s visits, x-rays, and medicine. I even had to borrow money from family just to cover my rent. I ran out of money, so I had to rush back to work with my injury not 100% better, more like 35%… Working in pain for the months trying to playing catch-up on my bills not able to easily “right the ship”… Then the crushing blow: I suddenly took a slight pay cut at the job while simultaneously taking a dramatic increase in the standard of living in my area. I knew this was the end of the line. Time to hit the reset button.

I had to swallow all my pride, and return back home. Even though I was received with open arms, it still was a critical blow to my ego and my self-esteem. How could things turn bad so fast? Things had to go this way so you could leave behind your old life. You’re destined for greater things. Do you thing that God intends for you to live paycheck to paycheck, making someone millions of dollars while you are bribed with an hourly wage to promote their dreams and defer your own dreams? Do you think all the skills and talents that you have are just there for no reason? Maybe it is intended for you to start utilizing them, and you had to start afresh with a new foundation and a new state of mind.

That’s what I want to encourage you today. If you have to hit the reset button on your life, don’t fret. You have knowledge and experiences that you bring into this new fresh start. If God intended for you to be in that life, you’d still be there. Apparently, He is trying to elevate you to a new level or even place you into an entirely different arena. Try not to dwell on where you previously was. If God took something away from you, it will be replaced with something far greater than you could imagine!

Sometimes, you might feel discouraged, you might feel self-doubt, you might even fall into a low mental place. Just remember if God brings you to it, He will bring you through it! He will not leave you nor forsake you. He’s with you all the way! Sometimes, your life will not make any sense to you on what’s happening. Sometimes God makes it that way. For the simple fact that if you understood all the details before hand, you’d probably try to expedite the process. It also might be God wanting you to stop trying to figure it all out, and for you to relinquish all control to Him and take a back seat… In other words, let go and let God handle it!

Hitting the reset button can be applied to anything such as friendships and relationships, career changes, relocating to another city or state, going back to school, and many other things. All in all, don’t be afraid to hit the reset button, and don’t be discouraged if your forced to hit the reset button… It simply is you being redirected into a new season of your life - - Keep your head up, and keep going forward!

Challenges are inevitable defeat is optional.

Until the next time...

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